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hess & associates engineering, inc. takes great pride in every project. listed below are samples of completed projects.


company experience




  • village of burton, ohio - village engineer - 1996 - present
  • village of west farmington, ohio - village engineer - 1998 - present

municipal projects:

  • village of burton - goodwin street utility improvements:
    • issue ii funding procurement.
    • assessment calculations.
    • 3,500 l.f. sanitary sewers, 700 l.f. storm sewers, and 1,700 l.f. of waterline.
  • village of west farmington sanitary sewer system planning:
    • complete planning for new 100,000 gpd treatment plant and sanitary sewer (19,000 l.f.) collection system.
    • epa loan fund planning loan procurement and coordination.
    • stream water quality model.
carlton street
  • village of burton - annual street improvement projects.
    • bid document preparation, bid and construction services.
    • 2001 carlton street improvements.
    • 2000 - west parking lot resurfacing.
    • 1999 - ford lane resurfacing.
    • 1998 - garden & spring street resurfacing.
  • village of burton - sanitary sewer system i&i study and removal.
    • issue ii funding procurement.
    • bid and supervise the televising of 26,000 l.f. of sanitary sewer.
    • bid and supervise the repairs to the sanitary sewer system.
  • village of west farmington - water system improvements
    • usda funding procurement and coordination.
    • telemetry system and motor control center replacement for water treatment plant.
    • water tower painting.

utility projects:

  • lander road water line extension - pepper pike, ohio.
    • design and permitting for a 750 lf. water line extension.
  • leaders mobile home park- chardon, ohio
    • water system improvements including new storage tank, filtration and high service pumping.

residential subdivisions:

  • woodsong p.u.d. - phase iii
    • design of 2,328 lf. of curb and gutter roadway including; 1,950 lf. of storm sewer, 2,134 sanitary sewer, 2,134 l.f. waterline, erosion control practice
    • village of middlefield, geauga county
music hill
  • music hill:
    • 2,300 l.f. roadway, detention analysis, culvert design, erosion control practice.
    • russell township, geauga county
  • hills and dales:
    • 1,100 l.f. roadway, detention analysis, culvert design, erosion control practice.
    • parkman township, geauga county
  • breezy acres:
    • 1,238 l.f. roadway, detention analysis, culvert design, wetland delineation
    • claridon township, geauga county
  • canyon lakes colony:
    • 5,500 l.f. roadway, storm water management, culvert design
    • bainbridge township, geauga county

wastewater systems:

  • newbury industrial park.
    • 10,000 gpd wastewater treatment plant design.
    • newbury township, geauga county.
  • troy elementary - berkshire school district.
    • upgrades including new aerated equalization, dosing station, surface sand filters and chlorine contact tank for a 3,500 gpd extended aeration treatment plant.
  • gardiner elementary - kenston school district.
    • replacement of existing steel aeration treatment plant with a new 10,000 gpd treatment facility including trash trap, equalization, extended aeration, clarification, dosing, surface sand filters and chlorination.
  • grandview country club.
    • upgrades to an existing treatment facility including equalization, sludge holding, dosing and surface sand filters.
  • montessori farm school - huntsburg township.
    • design of a new 1,500 gpd extended aeration treatment system including; trash trap, equalization, aeration, clarification, dosing, surface sand filters, disinfection, wetlands polishing, and 20,000 s.f. evaporative pond.
  • tim frank septic tank cleaning company - huntsburg township.
    • design of 20,000 gpd septage receiving facility including; four settling lagoons totaling 650,000 gallons, four treatment wetlands @ 17,500 s.f. each, 1.8 million gallon holding pond and 24.8 acres of spray irrigation area.
    • preparation of a sludge management plan to land apply biosolids generated by the septage receiving facility.
  • squire valley view farm, case western reserve university - hunting valley, ohio.
    • design of two on site dissipation septic systems for the buildings on the site.
  • weigand's lake park - russell township.
    • design of a new on site dissipation septic system for a picnic facility.
west wood's nature center
  • west wood's nature center- geauga park district
    • design of extended aeration treatment system and a drip disposal system.
  • mayfield united methodist church- chesterland, ohio
    • design of extended aeration treatment system and drip disposal system.

private site development:

  • montessori farm school - huntsburg township.
    • preparation of a site plan for a new school facility, evaporative pond, and completion of pre/post storm water analysis for the site.
  • custom landscaping - newbury township.
    • preparation of a site plan, design of on-site dissipation septic system and completion of storm water management plan and detention analysis for detention pond.
  • edge learning - akron, ohio.
    • preparation of site and utility plans for the construction of a charter school building.
  • hess wetlands - newbury township.
    • design and permitting for the restoration of a 40 acre wetland and reconstruction of a 300 ft. long x 10 ft. high earthen dam.
  • middlefield mobile home park - middlefield township.
    • planning and design of an expansion to a mobile home park including; roadway design, water system expansion and sewer system expansion and storm water management plan.
  • kinetico, inc. - site plan
    • preparation for driveway and building improvements.
  • mercury plastics - site plan and improvement for a building addition.







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